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Republican and International sessions have been held since 2005 in Gyumri branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. The sessions have been dedicated to historical-theoretical modern and traditional matters of the armenian and world culture.

The first republican session (2005) was dedicated to the life and creativity of the 20th century Armenian classics. Lecturers from YSC and Gyumri branch of YSC, as well as Pedagogical State Institute reported and again appreciated the role of Armenian composers in the development of culture, the unanimity of their creative desire, sincere relationship and devotion towards each other.

     The next republican  scientific session (2006) was held in the frames of “The Armenian Professional Musical Art and Gyumri”. A handful of representatives from higher educational institutions of Gyumri and Yerevan touched upon the significance and influence of the musical life of Gyumri  of the Armenian professional music and its further development.

        The first International scientific session was held on September 13-15, 2008, which was devoted to the Russian-armenian cultural ties.

     More than 40 scientific reports were represented by  different higher educational institutions from Moscow, Yerevan and other scientific centres. They were devoted to the unique intercultural achievements and historical-theoretical values in the context of modern cultural activities.

      As a result of the scientific session, the necessity of the widening of the frames and intercultural  dialogue were underlined.

      The continuation was “Dialogue of Cultures “. The main topic was “Russian-Armenian Cultural Ties” which was held on May 18-20, 2009. Scientists from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, representatives from different higher educational institutions, museums, scientific centres signified russian-armenian cultural ties and relations.


 The third scientific session was held on may 6-8, 2010 in Gyumri branch of YSC. The main topic was “Dialogue of Cultures “; “World Culture and Gyumri”. The session was devoted to the 90th anniversary of the prominent armenian composer Ghazaros Saryan. More than sixty representatives from ten countries of the world, scientific institutions of Armenia represented their varied reports. Both Armenian and other peoples’ cultural modern issues were taken into consideration.

     The fourth scientific session was held in Gyumri branch of YSC on December 14-16, which was entitled “Dialogue of Cultures and Armenia”.

    As a tradition, this session again gave an opportunity to many outstanding scientists and representatives from different countries of the world (Armenia, Georgia, Russian  and so on) to touch upon the modern problems of culture, their transformation in the armenian culture. Many questions referring to the contemporary culture among those interesting debates and discussions were touched upon and given evaluation and worth.

The main point of the scientific session was the greatest armenian composer, prizewinner of state and international contests, USSR peoples’ artist Alexandre Harutyunyan’s  90th jubilee which was celebrated in 2010.

    The fifth international scientific session was held on may 6-8, 2011, the main topic was “Dialogue of Cultures: World Culture and Armenia”. Its target topic was the life and activity of the prominent armenian composer, USSR peoples’ artist  Edward Mirzoyan. A handful of reports were devoted to the 90th anniversary of the composer. They again evaluated and signified his valuable contribution to the Armenian classical music.

The scientific session not only exposed but also suggested new and rather interesting topics for both the participants and the organizers, to fortify the mutual enrichment process, organize such forums and touch upon the fortifiers of the intercultural ties.

In 2012, April 10-19 “Renaissance” international contest-festival of musician-performers was held.  Within its framework “Dialogue of Cultures” as well as “Armenia and World Culture” international conference was held. This forum occupies a unique position in the scientific-cultural life with its various and diverse themes.

Throughout the opening ceremony of the conference there were present representatives of culture, regional and urban structures, students. Doctor, Professor Karine Avdalyan who is also a director of YSC Gyumri Branch welcomed all the participants. She noted in her speech: “Armenian people have always been able to organize vital activity, urban and cultural mission, to forge bonds and relations with other nations”.

Young and advanced scientists of outstanding scientific and cultural centers from RA and abroad filled applications to take part in the conference.


About 50 reports were given devoted to music, painting, theatre, architecture, literature, as well as creative activity of Armenian artists were represented in a unique way, their ties and cooperation with other cultural representatives, moreover, art values were appreciated in the result of intercourse.












 The Yerevan State Conservatory, Gyumri branch received a golden medal from RA Ministry of Education and  Science on the 20th

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Director of YSC Gyumri branch Karine Avdalyan's greeting on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Conservatory     Dear Colleagues,&n

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  The laureates of the “Renaissance” International Contest-Festival continue to enrich their knowledge with master classes. Due to

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